Adventure Travel Magazine, Friday 5th November 2010

Rhino man to climb Kili

“A 53-year-old dad with Parkinson’s disease is climbing Kilimanjaro – to raise money for Save the Rhinos.

“There’ll probably be a cure for Parkinson’s in 20 years, but there might not be any rhinos,” says father-of-one Mark Worsfold, who’s from Surrey.

“There are only four Northern White Rhinos in the world left – you’d think with all the billions of dollars we have world-wide, we’d be able to do better than that.”


Leatherhead Advertiser and Dorking Advertiser, Thursday 28th October 2010

“Martial arts expert’s trek for Rhinos”

A martial arts instructor, recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, is planning to scale the peaks of the world’s fourth highest mountain for charity. Taekwondo instructor Mark Worsfold 53, who runs martial arts classes at Leatherhead Leisure Centre, is intending to climb Mount Kilimanjaro next February. The trip will raise money for the “Save the Rhino” foundation and since Mark’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s only a few months ago, this has been an ambition that he and five friends are determined to fulfil.

He said “Being an ex-solider, I support several military charities but in this charity, there is a real chance for me to put my money where my mouth is and do something to make a difference” Kilimanjaro, located in north-eastern Tanzania, is the highest mountain in Africa. On average Kilimanjaro claims the lives of nine trekkers per year and of the 30,000 people who attempt it annually, 12,000 are told to turn around with the main cause being the thinning of air at high altitudes, leading to many people suffering mountain sickness.

Mark says he knows it would be foolish to ignore the risks to his health but given his previous experience in the army and a lifetime of disciplined martial arts, he remains focused on the cause. He said “It is a charity that I have supported for some time. Compared to other worthy causes they are desperately short of funds and this may be the last and only time I have the ability to do something like this. In 20 years there may be a cure for Parkinsons but there may be no Rhino’s.

To help Mark’s target of £10,000, visit the fundraising site


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