How many times now have I given up writing these Blogs (or forgotten to continue) and then made a statement of restarting and then giving up again?

Since my last one back in March 2017 (!!!!!) I haven’t written one. Not one.  It’s not that life has changed.  Much has happened.  Maybe I’m lazy.


things have changed

and at the behest of a very senior and repected Martial Arts instructor, I really ought to try again.  He suggested I “write a book or at least a BLOG” (my capitals).

So here we are again.


I shall try.

See you



And so once more it begins again.

….back to tramping up and down Box Hill…

…225 metres, or thereabouts….

..the purpose?

On 12th July we (myself and a group of friends/associates) hope to complete the National 3 Peaks challenge!!!  Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon (23 miles walking, 3,365 metres ascent) all within 24 hours….plus of course the 10/11 hours driving in between.

The equivelant to climbing up Box Hill 16 times from the Stepping Stones Car Park between 09.00 hrs and middnight, with NO breaks….

More details to follow…including of course the usual begging for charity donations.

…now to get my boots back on!!


I’ve just been for my first hair-cut since the operation (it was getting a bit wild and woolly).  I made a prercursory comment to the lady barber to this affect and the fact that’d i’d recently been under the knife for a brain op.

I’m not sure who was more nerevous.

As I glanced in the mirror I spontaneously thought I would have, and then asked for a hair wash too…..such decedance.  But hey, I’ve had a lot going on lately (some I will relate in another post), I had the time, everywhere was quiet and it would make my hair easier to ‘wrestle’!!

I relaxed and thought while I leant over the basin (first having moved to a basin that worked, had hot water, a plug, no blocked drain and was not being used as a storage facility), that having yourself pandered in these little ways are truely one of lifes little luxieries.

I can think of few things more indulgent, more relaxing or able to give one that sense of safety and  security, than to have a manicure, face shave and wash, cut and dry!  Shame this is dying out!!  One day …………………………either that or grow a beard!!!???

DBS #5

….as requested, by popular demand

(and again courtesey of Dr P Marazzi)

Not often you get to see even part of your brain.  I am absolutely fascinated by the whole process and having these photo’s makes me ask even more question.

I do regret, though, not having had a team photo taken, but then I guess we were all a little pre-occupied……maybe I should see if we could restage it??

DBS #4

Been at the Atkinson Morley again today for another reprogramming.  When I got home (finally) I found I had received another e-mail from Dr Marazzi containing more photo’s of the Op that I had requested.

I was going to attach them to this blog, but on further reviewing, I decided against it, for the moment….as… you might expect they are a little more graphic and not for the squeamish.

But…perchance you happen to bump into me I will happily show them to you with alacrity.

More soon…..

DBS #2 – Doctors

Naturally I woul like to thank all those who helped me through this particularly challenging time.

So I thought I’d mention a few names:

Dr E Pereira – who carried out the operation, so very expertly.  I understand he was head-hunted by the Atkinson Morley from the John Radcliffe in Oxford as the former wants to become the UK centre for this sort of thing.

Dr D Paviour – my Consultant Neurologist at the AM.  Who put me up for this after my first visit and who’s help is ongoing

Dr S Stapleton – One of the senior neurosurgeons in the UK.  A thoroughly decent and nice chap.  Who by co-incidence I knew from previous occasions as my last house, in Ockham, I bought from him.  He was operating in another Theatre the same day and came in several times to check up on me

Dr P Marazzi – My old GP when I lived in ~ Ockham.  Who to say he is a very keen photographer  would be a somewhat massive understatement.  When he knew I was having this procedure was very keen to photograph it (on his day off – something of a busmans holiday).  It was nice and resassurring to have a ‘friendly’ face there.  Photo’s later

Dr G Warner – my ‘usual’ consultant, who first diagnosed my Parkinson’s all those years ago and then sent me along to the AM to see how else they could help

All of them lovely men

Of course there are many, many others.  But more of them later

DBS #1

This is, probably, a series of posts regarding Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS).  An operation I have recently undergone and which has rather pre-occupied me for the past 6 months or so.

I measure of its success is that I have now found the time and energy to restarts this blog!!!!!!

Last night I spent (rather belatedly) a couple of hours investigating and readng up abot DBS.  I particularly wanted to find out when it was first performed and other pertinent facts.  In found good old Wikipedia gives a pretty good general insight.

First performed in 1987, it was licensed as a treatment for some Parkinsons patients & symptoms by the FDA in the USA in 1993 (and further improvements were approved in 2003).

Since then, worldwide, it is estimated around 20,000 people, have had the treatment.  It was developed out of clinical study into the treatment for drug abuse and then developed to treat a number of neuropathic illnesses and is very much ongoing.

Due to the cost and necessary expertise in performing this operation, it is only carried out in a few places in the UK and is very much dependedent on age, health, PD symptoms and numerous other facts.

So I am lucky

..and the long term prognosis is good!

Not for love nor money

Tuesday night (Junior) session was quite sad at the end.

I’m to lose one of ‘my’ new students, who has shown quite a lot of promise in these past few months.  He was a bit of a live wire when he first came to me many, many months ago.   But has since settled down and is a delight to teach.   He is so cheerful! and his father is a lovely, caring (nay…doting) father,  who thinks the world of his son and is so positive and encouraging.

Sadly he informed me that they can no longer continue coming to classes as they are both having to relocate back to Thailand!!

I only found out last night that his wife has been denied immigration rights to the UK and cannot join him here!!  Despite being married for over 12 years and having had two children together (1 boy 1 girl), he is being forced to return rather than live apart.  The family has been apart for over 6 months now, whilst he has bought  house and secured a job (his last job in Thailand, I understand came to end of the contract some time ago and he had always intended in returning to the UK).

Whilst he has been here with his son (who has dual nationality) his daughter (also with dual nationality)  has stayed with his mother out there.

I realise there may be quite legitimate and sound reasons behind this decision but all the same it seems really sad that they are being denied the chance to live here together as a family!

There is something wrong with the (human) World…..