I’ve just been for my first hair-cut since the operation (it was getting a bit wild and woolly).  I made a prercursory comment to the lady barber to this affect and the fact that’d i’d recently been under the knife for a brain op.

I’m not sure who was more nerevous.

As I glanced in the mirror I spontaneously thought I would have, and then asked for a hair wash too…..such decedance.  But hey, I’ve had a lot going on lately (some I will relate in another post), I had the time, everywhere was quiet and it would make my hair easier to ‘wrestle’!!

I relaxed and thought while I leant over the basin (first having moved to a basin that worked, had hot water, a plug, no blocked drain and was not being used as a storage facility), that having yourself pandered in these little ways are truely one of lifes little luxieries.

I can think of few things more indulgent, more relaxing or able to give one that sense of safety and  security, than to have a manicure, face shave and wash, cut and dry!  Shame this is dying out!!  One day …………………………either that or grow a beard!!!???


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