DBS #2 – Doctors

Naturally I woul like to thank all those who helped me through this particularly challenging time.

So I thought I’d mention a few names:

Dr E Pereira – who carried out the operation, so very expertly.  I understand he was head-hunted by the Atkinson Morley from the John Radcliffe in Oxford as the former wants to become the UK centre for this sort of thing.

Dr D Paviour – my Consultant Neurologist at the AM.  Who put me up for this after my first visit and who’s help is ongoing

Dr S Stapleton – One of the senior neurosurgeons in the UK.  A thoroughly decent and nice chap.  Who by co-incidence I knew from previous occasions as my last house, in Ockham, I bought from him.  He was operating in another Theatre the same day and came in several times to check up on me

Dr P Marazzi – My old GP when I lived in ~ Ockham.  Who to say he is a very keen photographer  would be a somewhat massive understatement.  When he knew I was having this procedure was very keen to photograph it (on his day off – something of a busmans holiday).  It was nice and resassurring to have a ‘friendly’ face there.  Photo’s later

Dr G Warner – my ‘usual’ consultant, who first diagnosed my Parkinson’s all those years ago and then sent me along to the AM to see how else they could help

All of them lovely men

Of course there are many, many others.  But more of them later


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