DBS #1

This is, probably, a series of posts regarding Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS).  An operation I have recently undergone and which has rather pre-occupied me for the past 6 months or so.

I measure of its success is that I have now found the time and energy to restarts this blog!!!!!!

Last night I spent (rather belatedly) a couple of hours investigating and readng up abot DBS.  I particularly wanted to find out when it was first performed and other pertinent facts.  In found good old Wikipedia gives a pretty good general insight.

First performed in 1987, it was licensed as a treatment for some Parkinsons patients & symptoms by the FDA in the USA in 1993 (and further improvements were approved in 2003).

Since then, worldwide, it is estimated around 20,000 people, have had the treatment.  It was developed out of clinical study into the treatment for drug abuse and then developed to treat a number of neuropathic illnesses and is very much ongoing.

Due to the cost and necessary expertise in performing this operation, it is only carried out in a few places in the UK and is very much dependedent on age, health, PD symptoms and numerous other facts.

So I am lucky

..and the long term prognosis is good!


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