Not for love nor money

Tuesday night (Junior) session was quite sad at the end.

I’m to lose one of ‘my’ new students, who has shown quite a lot of promise in these past few months.  He was a bit of a live wire when he first came to me many, many months ago.   But has since settled down and is a delight to teach.   He is so cheerful! and his father is a lovely, caring (nay…doting) father,  who thinks the world of his son and is so positive and encouraging.

Sadly he informed me that they can no longer continue coming to classes as they are both having to relocate back to Thailand!!

I only found out last night that his wife has been denied immigration rights to the UK and cannot join him here!!  Despite being married for over 12 years and having had two children together (1 boy 1 girl), he is being forced to return rather than live apart.  The family has been apart for over 6 months now, whilst he has bought  house and secured a job (his last job in Thailand, I understand came to end of the contract some time ago and he had always intended in returning to the UK).

Whilst he has been here with his son (who has dual nationality) his daughter (also with dual nationality)  has stayed with his mother out there.

I realise there may be quite legitimate and sound reasons behind this decision but all the same it seems really sad that they are being denied the chance to live here together as a family!

There is something wrong with the (human) World…..



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