Bit disappointed today.  What had promised to be a big day turned out to be more of a damp squib!!

3 weeks ago I underwent DBS surgery at the Atkinson Morley in  London.  Before I was discharged my battery ‘implant’ was turned on at a very, very low level.  Today I was due to go in for the ‘major unveiling’; or as I told everyone (and is listed in my diary), the great ‘turn on’.

It was not.

I suffered again this morning by trying to stay, as requested, off my medication as much a possible, prior to this appointment, so that we (the Doctors and I) could see the improvement that this surgery would achieve. Sadly the results were not as impressive as I had longed for.

One of my younger brothers’  drove me in (as a last-minute replacement…driver-wise) and I expected to be in for a good few hours (as I had been informed).  So it was no surprise to find that I was feeling pretty rough by the time I was dropped off and attended my appointment.  After the usual pleasantries the Doctor reprogrammed me and changed my medication regime.  Whilst still at a very low setting he did ramp it up a bit, and had me walking up and down the corridor, again and again and was happy with my progress.

But I was disappointed.  I though the improvement would be much more marked.

But then again, I realised that this would be done gradually and that it was my expectations that were getting the better of me.

So, I go back in two weeks for another (longer) reprogramming session (and, maybe, even get to take a ‘remote’ home with me) but also to settle down into the reduced pill intake.

I remember now that I have to be slowly weaned off the medication.  It cannot be done quickly and the process of reducing the meds whilst increasing the output will now take about 6 months.

So today was more of a Fizzle rather than a glorious turning on!!!

We shall see what tomorrow brings when I try the new regime from scratch!!




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