Interesting article in BBC Wildlife magazine by Bill Oddie about why conservation is so important.  He often get involved with opening this new Nature Reserve or that Conservation Project, and invariably there is always the local reporter who always ask’s the same question, “why is this project so important or why that reserve is so vital”, and he has to reply, invariably, “it’s because too many human’s don’t care”.

It made me think of a planning application that is going in, in our locale.  It is for 2,100 houses on a Green Belt site, next to an SPA, SSSI, LNR, SNCI near  a Conservation Area and AONB.  It means over 300 acres of Grade 3 Arable land will be tarmaced over and the former areas degraded or damaged.  All in the name of profit.

Disappointingly the local population have not objected in the numbers that are needed as there is a general apathy towards ‘rocking the boat’.

There are comments like “Ah well it is going to happen anyway” or “that’s progress”.  Not to mention the “We need the jobs and houses” or “what’s the point.  It’s a done deal between the developers and the powers that be”.

This then led me to think about the work supported by Save the Rhino.  This charity raises money to support Rangers in various parts of the world who are the front-line in the ‘war’ to save the rhino.

Often they are bare-foot and ragged.  Ill equipped.  Un-educated. Risking their lives on a daily basis. Spending long periods away from their family and friends.  On low wages.  All because…

They do care

They are willing to do something and stand up and be counted

They believe in the struggle against the criminals and gangs

They want to help save the rhino for themselves, their children, their future, their country…and for all of us!

We call them the Third World, but I feel they have a thing or two to teach us about Humility, Perserverance and Indomitable Spirit.

We can sit in our ‘ivory towers’ and throw stones but we can’t even be bothered to write a letter to save what little we have left

End Stanza


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