On a more cheerful note.

Arkwright and I were invited to a Reception at the Royal Geographical Society last week to celebrate the 21st Anniversary of the founding of Save the Rhino.

It was a fantastic affair and we were both greatly honoured to be accepted and welcomed into such an august and learned group of people.  It was great that ‘our’ reception was in the older part of the RGS.  It oozed and reeked of the great and good and of daring deeds of derring do.

We conversed with so many ‘mighty, movers and shakers’ it was quite overwhelming at times.  What was nice is that amongst these explorers, conservationists and other glitterati, there were no ego’s or hidden agendas and that the whole evening was very relaxed.

Arkwright and I had a very long chat with Benedict Allen (the explorer……and Trustee of the RGS).  He was a charming chap and we discussed our prediliction towards camels.


I love them!

Benedict owns 8.

Arkwright has been in contact with him since and forwarded a picture from his wedding day when, as you might guess, Arkwright and his new wife, Louise, rode from the Church to the Reception….on a camel.

Benedict had wanted to do this but had failed.

We also met a good friend (and Patron of Save the Rhino), Tira Schubert.  Not only has she invited us out to the Serengeti in June for an astronomy week, but she is also hoping to do a ‘stand-up’ gig at the Comedy Store (we hope to go), and has invited us to the Natural History Museum this Friday to one of their Late-Night openings as part of her party.  So with the Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture next week, things could be getting busy.

Tira and I found out we both have an interest in astronomy. I regularly do a ‘star-gazing’ evening for the Primary school where I am/was a Governor and was hosting one at the school a few days later on that Friday. I knew the International Space Station would make a good appearance that night.  So you can imagine the delight when Tira mentioned she was friends with two female astronauts from the ISS programme, one of which was on the Station that week.  She arranged that we could have a live feed to the ISS for the school children.

How amazing was that????

So more on all these events later.

Finally, as mentioned, we were in the old part of the RGS (in fact Arkwright and I had come in through the Main Entrance and had ended up at  the wrong function….Chris Bonningtons, 80th Birthday Bash!!!!) it was amusing to find that there were only one set of toilets.  Men & Women sharing the same facilities.

But then when the RGS was founded it was a male-only institution….


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