Selection: Mark

Since I completed our most recent adventure I get asked ‘what next’.
But I also get asked which one was the best.  How did skulling (not rowing) compare to ‘paddling’ the Everglades.
Now let me see…

The Wilderness Waterway…..paddling
Wellington to Waterloo……cycling (road)
Three men in a Boat…..skulling

They were all so different and the locations couldn’t be more far apart.
The sheer magnitude and exileration of reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro is hard to beat. Although the long cold, damp, boring trudge prior was not particularly fantastic (Tony Fitzjohn and Mkomazi are another thing altogether).

The space, tranquility and solitude of the Everglades was awe inspiring.  The daily sunsets simply marvelous, as was the wildlife.  This was the hardest challenge for me.

Wellington to Waterloo. Busy, frenetic, memorable and very humbling but quite simply one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Three  Men in a Boat.  Ardous but good to work as a team.  it was very much an ‘Englishman Abroad’.  The Thames and indeed this country seemed very distant and that we were travelling through a foreign land. It really opened our eyes.  This adventure had the most laughs and is the one we would all like to continue on a casual basis….just for fun.

Of course fuller reports and assessments will come later.


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