Three men in another boat: Mark

It occurred to me a little while ago that after two successive years of sponsored ‘adventures’, that I have not done anything this year (2014)!!!

So, very belatedly, I have coerced some of the usual suspects into supporting me in my latest voyage of discovery.
I am planning to emulate Jerome K Jeromes epic travelogue ‘Three Men in a Boat’ by rowing from Kingston to Oxford in a 120 year old Thames Skiff.
Roughly 92 miles over 7 days.  All of it upstream.  We depart on 30 August.
It is a journey I have always aspired to since reading the book over 30 years ago, and before I become unable to attempt it I’d better give it ago.

Naturally, as before, I’d like to raise some money for charity whilst at it (and continue my Blog by giving me something to write about).
To this end (and this is where you come in) I have reactivated two of my fundraising pages.
The charities are:

I would like to raise at least £500 for each of these charities, but more would always be appreciated.  I have deliberately set my target low given that I have only 12 days to prepare (and get the other guys motivated too).

Last year I completed the Wellington 2 Waterloo cycle ride and raised over £3000 in just over 14 days.  Maybe I/We/You could achieve the same target.

I still suffer from Parkinson’s (no change there then) and with the recent demise of Robin Williams could easily play the ‘Parkinson’s Card’.  But then that would be too easy.  My two chosen charities are dear to my heart and very personal.  

My comrades in arms are suffering now and need help having given their all for their country.
In 10 years time I still hope to be here but by 2024 at the current rate of loss ALL African rhino’s will have been poached to extinction!!!!  So, for me, the world would be a sadder, lonelier, grimmer place in which to live.

So if you can.  Make a difference.  Make a donation.

If not you can always stand on a bridge or riverbank of the Thames and hurl abuse, rotten tomatoes or unwanted items.  We shall look forward to it with alacrity.


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