Poaching in South Africa reaches record levels: Mark

from SavetheRhino

baby rhino in Zimbabwe died whilst pregnant mother was murdered - being prepared for burial“According to the latest figures from the South Africa Department of Environmental Affairs, over 790 rhinos have been lost to poaching so far this year (as at 25 October). This is on average 2.6 rhinos per day and means over 100 rhinos have been killed within the past month. This figure sadly surpasses the total killings for the whole of 2012, when 668 rhinos were illegally poached. 60% of the rhino killings took place in Kruger National Park which has lost 476 rhinos this year.

This means since 2007, there has been a shocking 5000% increase in rhino poaching in South Africa. If poaching continues at current rates, rhino deaths will soon reach a tipping point where rhino deaths will exceed births and the species will go into decline. If poaching continues to accelerate at current rates, rhinos could go extinct by 2026.”

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Photo with thanks to Sokwanele on Flickr, available at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sokwanele/2032061624/


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