Facebook: Mark

Having a bath after teaching and very naughtily going through Facebook on my phone. Too many rants too many kranks too many whingers

So I’ll have mine….

To paraphrase the great Gerald Durrell

“Everyone is worried about their stupid little wars and their stupid little borders (I would add politics, opinions and economics). But what we are not facing is what we are doing to the Planet. We only have one. This one. And if we mess it up we have no-where else to go”

I talk to my neighbour. Does that make me Socialist?
I support my local community. Does that make me Communist?
I believe in Law and Order. Does that make me a Fascist?
I stand for individual human rights. Does that mean I’m a Capitalist?
I have faith in humanity. Does that make me Religious?

Actually I am a evolutionary freak of nature that has, against all the odds, learned to walk upright and be able to talk.

So come on guys stop ranting from the pulpits and barricades….and communicate!!!


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