mv2usa Lost part2: Mark

So we had our car; and made our getaway. Having driven many times in the States we thought it prudent that I take the wheel first.

I had printed of a map of our route along with Google maps directions.  It all seemed easy enough. Or so I thought!!

Leaving the Auto Rental Centre we got lost on the exit ramp, and then spent the next delightful hour driving round and round Miami International Airport trying to go West!

All roads go either North/South or East/West

All I needed to do was head West towards the setting Sun.
I could see the Expressway we needed to be on
But try as I might we were thwarted at every intersection

No Entry, No Right turn….No Right Turn. No goddamn tourists on the Expressway

The thought of spending the night sleeping in the car in an unsavoury part of Miami did not fill me full of joy (especially as the Mkomazi snorty grunt f**k pig would be in the passenger seat, beside me).

The map provided by the hire company was less than helpful.  In fact to even call it a map would be overstating the case.

Anyway we lived to tell the tale and found our way through the growing gloom Eastwards and onto US 41, the Tamiami trail.

But not without having to pay at a Toll booth….that didn’t participate in our ‘Toll-pass scheme’!!

Arkwright’s first trip to the States was proving to be less than perfect in his eyes, and in churlish revenge decided to sate his ire by thrashing the living daylights out of our hire car and the American road system over the next 10 days.

Speed limits, one-way roads, ‘highway’-code’ , fuel economy’ be damned’


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