A Discovery: Charles

Probably the biggest disappointment of my Kilimanjaro trip was the loss of an SD card containing video footage from the first part of the trip, namely, the bit where we actually went up the mountain. I had a distinct recollection of swapping the first card out of my camera and fiddling about with my camera bag to get the new card out.

But when I got home, despite searching through all of my bags it had gone. I supposed that it had fallen out of the camera bag at some point, perhaps while bouncing around while standing on the back of Tony Fitzjohn’s Land Rover, or perhaps in one of the innumerable unpack / repack sequences which the two million opaque plastic bags caused (another story).

A couple of weeks ago, digging through the camera bag for the thousandth (or maybe millionth) time, I found an SD card in a small and easy-to-overlook pocket and thought perhaps I’d found the missing card. But no, it was the one with the Mkomazi footage on.

Anyway, on Saturday morning, with the taekwondo session cancelled for some line dancing / model railway / jerbil assaulting competition or whatever they have come up with, I thought I’d take the dog for a walk instead. My jeans having been stolen (a good start for a Latin ablative absolute for those who remember such horrors), I discovered the trousers I’d last worn on the interminable day we climbed to Uhuru Point.

The team sitting in the dark on rocks on Uhuru climb day
Figure 1: Some happy climbers

The newly discovered film has certain exciting revelations including

  • Mark discovers that Charles snores like a pig
  • Large parts of breakfast conversations revolved around drugs
  • There are (many) sound reasons for considering David Worsfold to be unhinged
  • Sound advice from Mark on use of large Wellington boots
  • When Steadycam meets Tanzanian roads, there is no contest, technology loses every time
  • The unpleasantness of the sound of rain / hail on a tent does not diminish with time
  • Venting, and how to do it (an on-camera, live demonstration by Mark).

In the ‘sneak preview’, ‘viral’, ‘edgy’ style now favoured by many Hollywood movies (whose storyline consists of seven words “Blow things up for 100 minutes”) here is a preview:

Figure 2: Attacked by lions

In fact, the discovery of the SD card is not, perhaps the most remarkable aspects of the weekend. After viewing the contents of the card, my wife announced that it was rather surprising that we actually got anything from it, since it had gone through a complete washing cycle and a nice warm session in a tumble dryer.

The full Blu-ray, 3D version will be available within about a week!

(None of the statements in the above blog entry should be taken as factual, truthful, accurate or correctly and informatively labelled)


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