Children: Mark

Apparently reception is good up Kili so I may be able to keep this blog going over the next 6 days. My daughter and her school are going to hopefully keep tracks on us. Last month the all had to write poems about…yes, you guessed it …rhinos.

Hello to class 3CF from Tanzania.

Had a good flight in from Heathrow and made it in time to go from our Hotel to the famous Norfolk in Nairobi for a bit of refreshment. Only problem was it was raining, no pouring….no a monsoon!!! Arkwright was last in Kenya in 2007 during the dry season and guwess what…it rained and rained. Maybe he is a raingod….Doesn’t bear thinking about going up Kili in the rain.

By the time we got to bed it was about 1.30 am local time. I couldn’t find earplugs so had to listen to the sonorous wheezings of the other two guys in a hot sweaty room with no air-conditioning. Finally at 4.40 am I found my torch and went in search of those plugs.

I found them. put them in and finally went to sleep….only to be woken by Johanne at 5.30 having a shower because being in africa for the first time was too excited and wanted to see the sunrise. Oh well I’d get some sleep in the mini-bus…wrong!

So tonight in the Kilimanjaro Mountain Resort amidst the jungle and flies I have my own room. Sweet dreams !!


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