ClimbCountdown-Rick: Graphic and Ghastly

View of valley and  Mount Kilimanjaro

Less than a week to go, and it’s all seeming pretty real now.

Seems like AGES since Mark came up with this daft idea.

Lots of people seem to have climbed Kili already though – and I keep bumping into them.

Unfortunately, there are two recurring themes in what they say …

  • Firstly – “It was the toughest thing I’ve ever done ….”

It might be nice if someone – anyone! – said ‘oh it’s OK, quite easy really …’

  • And secondly they’ll say something graphic and ghastly about their bowels, or their stomach activity, or their lack of personal hygiene during the trip … which you then inevitably visualise … ugh!

Even more annoying are the people who haven’t ever done it, but who then say
“Well if Chris Moyles can do it then it can’t be THAT difficult …”

But what stuck with me most so far has been the comments of a chap who did it just last year. He spoke about how the trip can ‘infantilise’ you; you are in a strange and dangerous environment, and wholly reliant on others. The Guides, especially. So, it becomes a series of instructions, and you comply. “Eat up your porridge.” “Time to go to sleep now.” “Come on, you can do it.”

Sounds quite comforting, really …! Here’s hoping …
(aka ‘Johann’ by Mark (only in the whole world), for reasons too obscure to recount)

Photo “Mount Kilimanjaro” with thanks to Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr, available at:


One thought on “ClimbCountdown-Rick: Graphic and Ghastly

  1. here’s something to help you……..
    I walked up Batur here in Bali. 4 hours to get up there, steep, more like climbing than walking . Legs were like rubber at the top …….. Ok, but it’s a pimple compared to your attempt.
    Then it took over 6 hours to get down; much more difficult than going up…… no motivation, just the wish for it to be over; no view to head for, the feeling of achievement already spent , and the threat of falling with each step as my thighs were like jelly and boots full of blisters.

    There; did that help?

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