Disaster and Drugs: Mark

If you are reading this and donated via this blog, a heartfelt thank you for taking part in the ride and helping this effort, we have managed to reach and exceed our fundraising targets, even with the team shrinking by half throughout recent months. If you have the relevant injections, paperwork and can fly out on Sunday, there is still time to join us?

Unfortunately disaster has struck!

And no it is not the fact the Johanne didn’t make the pub last night!

I strained my neck and shoulder muscles last Friday and have been in extreme pain and almost immobile since then.  My preparations and training schedule have gone out the window and am having to conventrate hard on getting better.  My ‘pill’ list just got longer..

lots of multi-coloured pills in a bowlRopinrole (for Parkinsons)
Larium (anti-malarials)
Diamox (altitude sickness)
Paracetemol (pain relief)
Ibruprofen (pain relief & basic anti-inflammatory)
Zophiclone (hypnotic – Parkinsons)
Naproxen (anti-inflammatory)
Diazepam (muscle-relaxant/anti spasmodic)
Migraleve (migraine)

and those are the clinical ones.  There is also

Vitamin C supplement
Co-omega 3
Vitamin D supplement
Malt extract


Marcus Walia (Osteopath)
Louise Worsfold (Sports injury therapist)
The Physiotherapist at Leatherhead Leisure Centre
The Fulham Football Club Osteopath and Sport Injury therapist who did a wonderful job on Saturday.

Still, on the bright side,  if I wasn’t ill (with Parkinsons),(a)  I probably wouldn’t be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (b) I wouldn’t have been able to convince people to join me and (c) people, friends and associates wouldn’t have been so generous with their donations which means Save the Rhino would have been a lot worse off, which means the whole of humanity would have been at a loss.  So there is always a silver lining!

Besides I’m keeping the drug companies in profit!!!!

Photo “Thrills, Spills and Pills” with thanks to Pranjal Mahna on Flickr, available at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/charlie_brown_in/4813687658/


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