Snow brings a sudden halt to everything…or does it:Mark

path by railway covered with snowThe recent snowfalls have brought a halt to proceedings. Trains, planes and automobiles have been brought to a halt. Schools have closed and roads become impassable.

Now without my regular trips out to teach I would no longer be passing Box Hill and hence my frequent training walks would be severely curtailed. Or so I thought. I had not reckoned on having to take my daughter out toboganning!

Though the roads to Box Hill were still difficult to drive on I thought I could at least get to Newlands corner. It is much closer and the roads in that direction would have been well gritted. There is also a cafeteria for the obligatory hot chocolate afterwards, and whilst it may not have quite as big a tobogganing slope as Box Hill, it was certainly the closest decent slope nearest to home.

I had presumed that Newlands Corner was inferior in height to Box Hill (Wikipedia proves me wrong; 173m to 172m) and so would miss out on decent high walking. True at Newlands Corner you start out at the top of the hill but then after 2 hours of tobogganing in the freezing conditions I reckoned I had climbed to equivalent of 1,730m. At least it felt like it, having to haul a small child and toboggan up the hill. So I feel just a little ameliorated.

On two other notes I was interested to read that the session drummer of Status Quo climbed up and down Snowdon twice in one day before driving off to play in a gig, last week. He wanted to make it his 100th ascent.

When picking up my daughter from her school due to early closure I mentioned how cold it was to a grand-mother of another pupil at the school. Well into her late 60’s she climbed Kilimanjaro last year for ‘Help the Heroes’. She laughed that she had not been so cold since she made her ascent.

I have so much to look forward to?

….less than 85 days left, I still hope to raise another £2,000 before then, if you have not done so already, please help if you can


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