Another one bites the dust: Mark

RhinocerosA shocking statistic at a wonderful night out at the Royal Geographical Society last night, at the moment in South Africa, we are losing one rhino every single day.

I had a chance to chat to Tony Fitzjohn (more of all this in a later post)

I was saddened that Lucy Botting has had to drop out of our ‘adventure’.

Lucy was more or less the first person to come on board and had been one of the most enthusiastic members of the team. A variety of personal, professional and financial reasons are behind these decisions, particularly under the present economic downturn and after the Government’s recent Comprehensive Spending Review. I hope we will remain in contact.

On the bright side…any volunteers?

97 days to go and we now have a space available. We have had a request from a couple who have just returned from running the New York marathon, in the costume, and would like to join us….if they can get the funds!

So if not already done so, please donate now

This beautiful photograph with thanks to chuqui on Flickr, available at:


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