Darkness falls: Mark

‘How many climate change sceptics does it take to change a light bulb…
..its too early to say that it needs changing” (1)

dark forest against the skyWinter is upon us, the evenings are drawing in and, yup, the clocks have gone back!! This means it now starts getting dark around 4 pm. I know this now as that is when I often do my daily/weekly slogs up Box Hill. Last Friday it was almost completely dark when I got down the hill. There was no-one around and it was quite spooky walking through the woods, with the welcoming lights of Dorking twinkling down below. From now on I must remember to pack a head-torch in the car before these sojourns.

I must not complain though – this can all be part of the training. The final assault on Kilimanjaro starts at around 1 in the morning, so that you can hit the summit just as the sun rises (an 11-15 hour walking day) So stumbling up Box Hill with a head-torch is not such a silly idea. I suppose the cold northerly wind and constant drizzle could also be construed as a part of training. Although it might be on the Equator there is no guarantee of good weather at the top…..I’m just trying to be positive about all this walking.

Image courtesy of Dave at Optic Groove


via MorgueFile: http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/45006

1. Lambert T(2010) How many climate sceptics…, Deltoid blog, available at:


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