Now its taking the…..

Just to depress our climbers and detractors.

The record to the summit and back…..8 hours & 27 minutes by Simon Mtuy of Tanzania (Umbwe route – Mweka Gate) in 2004. This included a 6 minute break at the top to catch his breath.

AND in 2007 Berhard Goosen, a quadriplegic, disabled since birth due to cerebral palsy, reached the summit in a specially adapted wheelchair after 6 days 3 hours.

So it is now up to Charles to set a new record of some sort ???


To help us navigate across East Africa I have found a couple of useful phrases in the Chagga language, that might help our ascent..

Kuwore njofu eela itentiny lyako – There is an elephant sleeping in my tent

Kuwore rung’we ilya kurende koko – There is a leopard biting my leg

and of course –

Hab SoSLI’ Quch – Your mother has a smooth forehead (Klingon)


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