Biocomplexity2: Mark

  • Johann is moving to the south of Dorking
  • Near to Virginia McKenna
  • Who played Joy Adamson in the movie ‘Born Free’
  • Who was married to George Adamson
  • Who gave a job to Tony Fitzjohn
  • Who became his right-hand man and became famous in his own right
  • Who we are meeting in London
  • And raising money for by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
  • In a group that includes Johann
  • ..and Charles Brewer, who lives in Dorking
  • And that is where I came in….

Except, did I mention that until now they have never met and both our ‘training venues, Box Hill and Leith Hill are also in Dorking.

  • And Dorking is mentioned disparagingly in the ‘Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin’,
  • Now starring Martin Clunes
  • Whom performed at the Haymarket Theatre
  • Where I was Production Manager for 10 years,
  • And the former supports Tony Fitzjohn at Mkomazi
  • After rescuing an elephant called Nina together

How tenuous can you get?


One thought on “Biocomplexity2: Mark

  1. “Tenuous” is a word found in the dictionary
    where you also find the word “fish”
    that a friend of mine was called
    who’s a friend of yours….

    thats how tenuous…..

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